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13 May 2024 Complex Persistent Symptoms after COVID
8 Jan 2024 Conversion (Functional Neurologic) Disorder: Past, Present, and Future
13 Nov 2023 Core Ethical Issues in Work with Older People
11 Sep 2023 Neuropsychological Evaluations with the Advanced Clinical Solutions (ACS) Battery
8 May 2023 Cognition and Sleep and Sleep Disorders
4 Mar 2023 2023 Annual PNNS Zoom Conference
9 Jan 2023 The Role of Midbrain-Hippocampus Structural Connectivity on Motivated Memory Encoding
14 Nov 2022 COVID and the Brain
12 Sep 2022 Lab Values and Cognitive Functioning
13 Jun 2022 Special PNNS Membership Meeting
9 May 2022 Ethics & Equity In Neuropsychology: Practical and practice-based methods to increase both business growth and community access among diverse populations
5 Mar 2022 2022 Annual PNNS Virtual Meeting
7 Feb 2022 Special Ethics Interactive Workshop--Advocating for Neuropsychology in Washington State and Why it Matters
10 Jan 2022 Longitudinal Research on Two Common Brain-Related Conditions in Children: Findings and Implications
8 Nov 2021 Maximizing Cognitive Health and Memory in Normal Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimer’s Dementia
25 Oct 2021 Special Ethics CE Discussion: Safe and Responsible Neuropsychological Practice During an Epidemic and Public Health Emergency
13 Sep 2021 Perspectives and the Incidence, Complications, and Pathophysiology of Psychosis in Dementias and in Parkinson's
10 May 2021 The Clinical Management of Individuals Presenting with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
12 Apr 2021 PNNS - Professional Issues and Networking Event
13 Mar 2021 Annual PNNS Virtual Meeting
11 Jan 2021 Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis, Biomarkers, and Clinical Heterogeneity

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