Neuropsychology Volunteers Needed for Legislative Action (6/21)

Call for committee volunteers - Washington  State Legislative Action – 2021-22 regarding Third Party Observers and Test Security

During the past WA State Legislative session Senate Bill 5102 was presented, but tabled.  This was an L&I bill that included the right for examinees to request a third party observer during not just the interview, but the neuropsychological testing session.  The bill was tabled in 2020 for other reasons, but is likely to be introduced in the 2021-22 session.  If TPO is allowed, it will compromise test security, among other important issues.  This could also set a precedent for legislative change regarding TPO across the country.  A counter argument has been made that allowing TPO is a social justice issue for examinees.

If interested in volunteering for this committee, please contact Dr. Karen Sanders, PhD, ABPP/CN (206-269-0290). It will be important for volunteers to join WSPA and the Legislative Action Committee (LAC).  LAC committee meetings and possible legislative testimony may be part of future work on this issue.

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