• Co-Presidents: David Clemmons, PhD & Betty Jones, PhD
  • Past President: Wendy Marlowe, PhD, ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/08/09 “Neuropsychological Issues in Sport-Related Concussion” David Coppel, PhD, Department of Neurological Surgery, University of Washington Medical School Seattle, WA.

11/09/09 “Sleep and its Impact on Cognitive Function” Ghandis Mazeika, MD, Medical Director, Sleep Medicine Northwest, Seattle, WA.

1/11/10 “Guardianship-Related Neuropsychological Examinations: A Practical Guide” Steve Meharg, PhD.

3/06/10 23rd Annual Conference:

“Cognitive & Emotional Aspects of Cerebellar Function and Dysfunction” Jeremy Dan Schmahmann, MD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA – View Articles.

“The Immature Cerebellum: How Lesions Change Movement, Cognition, and Affect” Maureen Dennis, PhD, ABPP, Department of Psychology & Research Institute, The Hospital for Sick Children.

5/10/10 “Normal Variability On Neuropsychological Test Performance” Larry Binder, PhD, ABPP-CN, Private Practice, Beaverton, OR – View Article.


  • President: Wendy Marlowe, PhD, ABPP
  • Past President: Larry Knauss, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/08/09 “Normal and Pathological Aging” Marnee Milner, PhD, J.D., Private Practice, Seattle, WA.

11/10/08 “How to Stay Out of Trouble with Everyone: Current Issues in Law and Ethics” Steven Feldman, PhD, J.D. Seattle Psychological Services, Seattle, WA.

1/12/09 “Update on ADHD in Childhood and Adulthood” James McKeever, PhD, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle WA.

3/07/09 Annual Conference: Executive Functions: New Advances in Theory and Practice:

“A Challenging Look at “Executive Functions” and the Frontal Lobes: Anything New after Thirty Years of Research?” Donald Stuss, PhD, ABPP/ABCN, Director, Rotman Research Center, Professor of Psychology & Medicine (Neurology), University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Facilitating Development of Self-Regulation/Executive Functions and Associated Sense of Personal Identity in Children and Young Adults: Part I and Part II” Mark Ylvisaker, PhD, Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders, College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York.

5/11/09 “Chronic Pain and Neuropsychology: Update” David Fordyce, PhD, Rehabilitation Institute of Washington, Seattle, WA.


  • President: Larry Knauss, PhD
  • Vice President: Wendy Marlowe, PhD, ABPP
  • Past President: Monique Cherrier, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/10/07 “Re-examining the Core Deficits of Autism & Presentation of Practical Interventions” Carrie Sheppard, M.Ed., LMHC, Private Practice – The Mindsource Center, Covington, WA.

10/8/07 “Tough Ethical Questions – What Every Neuropsychologist Should Know” G. Andrew Benjamin, JD, PhD, APA Parliamentarian, Affiliate Prof of Law, Univ of WA, Dir, Parenting Eval/Trng Program (PETP), Seattle, WA.

11/12/07 “Grand Rounds: Case Presentations” David Clemmons, PhD, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA.

12/10/07 “Identification of Traumatic Brain Injury in Iraq Soldiers” Fred Flynn, D.O., COL (Ret) & Kenneth Zych, PhD, ABPP, COL (Ret), Traumatic Brain Injury Program, Madigan Army Medical Center, Ft. Lewis, WA.

1/14/08 “Long-term Followup of Pediatric Neuropsychological Cases: Where Are They Now?” Molly Warner, PhD, Seattle Children’s Hospital; Betty Jones, PhD, Private Practice, Bellevue; & David Clemmons, PhD, Harborview Medical Center.

2/11/08 “What Brain SPECT Imaging Can Tell Clinicians and Patients (That Cannot Be Obtained Through History, Mental Status Examinations, Physical Examinations or Neuropsychological Testing)” Anthony Andrew Bottone, MD, Amen Clinic, Tacoma, WA.

3/8/08 Annual Conference: Current & Forensic Neuropsychology:

Assessment of Suboptimal Effort and Malingering.

Is Suboptimal Effort Always Malingering?

Questions and Discussion: Effort and Malingering.

“Issues Surrounding Release of Raw Data and Psychological Test Materials MRI, MR Spectroscopy and Functional MRI in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” Roger Gervais, Ph.D., Neurobehavioural Associates, Edmonton AB; Paul Kaufmann, J.D., Ph.D., ABPP-CN, University of Nebraska; Carl Dodrill, Ph.D./ABPP-CN, University of Washington; & Susan Astley, Ph.D., University of Washington.

4/14/08 “The 2007 Traumatic Brain Injury Act and HB 2055” Laura Dahmer-White, PhD, Member, WA State TBI Advisory Council, Private Practice, Olympia, WA.

5/12/08 “Screening for the Dementias” Soo Borson, MD, Director, Memory Disorders Clinic, University of Washington Medical School, Seattle, WA.

6/9/08 “Neuropsychology In Very Rural Areas: A Consumer’s Perspective” Mary Wegman, PhD.


  • President: Monique Cherrier, PhD
  • Vice-President: Larry Knauss, PhD
  • Past President: Jeff Shaw, PsyD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/11/06 “From Genes To Behavior: How electrophysiological studies can provide insight into autism and other disorders” Sara Jane Webb, PhD, Research Asst Prof, Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Univ of WA; Director of Psychophysiology Lab, Center on Human Dev & Disabilities, UW Autism Center.

10/9/06 “Providing Driving Recommendations to Older Adults and Patients with Dementia” Mark Reger, PhD, Department of Psychology, Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA.

11/13/06 “Nicotinic Agonists for Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia: A Case Report” Annette Kennedy, PsyD, Seattle Inst of Biomedical & Clinical Research, Mental Illness Research Educ & Clin Ctr, (MIRECC) & Model Schizophrenia Program, VA Puget Sound Health Care System, American Lake Division, Tacoma, WA.

12/11/06 “The Impact of Extra-Test Variables on Ecological Validity Research” Naomi Chaytor, PhD, Department of Neurology, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA.

1/8/07 “The Independent and Combined Effects of Estradiol and Cortisol on Cognition for Healthy Postmenopausal Women” Laura Baker, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Div of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

2/12/07 Cancelled Due to INS Conference in Portland.


“Suboptimal Effort in Neuropsychological Evaluation” Mary Pepping, Ph.D., ABPP-CN.

“Effects of Psychological Stress & PTSD Symptoms on Cognition” Larry Knauss, Ph.D.

“Pain & Pain Medications: How They Impact Cognition & Daily Living” Monique Cherrier, Ph.D.

4/9/07 “Cerebellar Affective Syndrome: Expanding OurThinking About The Cerebellum” Anita Blair, PsyD, Private Practice, Richland, WA.

5/14/07 “Sensory Integration Disorder: To Be or Not To Be” Stephen Glass, MD, Pediatric Neurologist, Woodinville, WA.

6/11/07 “Ethics in Forensic Neuropsychology: Lessons Learned” Christopher Graver, PhD, Neuropsychology Clinic, Western State Hospital, Tacoma, WA.


  • President: Jeff Shaw, PsyD
  • Vice-President: Monique Cherrier, PhD
  • Past President: Paul Connor, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/12/05 “Pharmacologic Manipulation of Dopamine” Alida Griffith, MD (Neurology), Medical Dir, Booth Gardner Parkinson’s Care Center.

10/10/05 “Symptom Validity Testing Update & Discussion” Daniel Drane, PhD, ABPP (CN), Asst Professor of Neurology; Dir, Neuropsychology Laboratory, UW Regional Epilepsy Center, Harborview Medical Center.

11/14/05 “Pediatric Hearing Loss and Neurodevelopment” Susan Sidman, M.Ed., Mental Health Therapist/Assessment Specialist for Children with Hearing Loss; Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center.

12/12/05 “Interpersonal Diagnosis & Functioning After Acquired Brain Injury” Jay Uomoto, PhD, Dir, Clinical Training, Dept of Graduate Psychology, Seattle Pacific University.

1/9/06 “The Increasing Complexity of Dementia: Causes and Treatment” James B. Leverenz, M.D., Associate Professor, Neurology, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Univ of Washington.

2/13/06 “Neuropsychological Billing & Managed Care: Practical & Ethical Issues” Mary Pepping, PhD, Clin Dir, Neuro-Rehab Program, Univ of Washington.

3/4/06 Annual Conference:

“Neuropsychological Factors Associated with Traumatically Induced Injuries: Evaluation & Treatment for Victims of Combat, Terrorism & Natural Disasters” Carl Dodrill, PhD, ABPP; Dennis Kelly, PhD; Laurence Binder, PhD, ABPP; Lori Zoellner, PhD.

“What Constitutes Neuropsychological Data, and How are these Data to be Interpreted?” Carl Dodrill, PhD, ABPP.

“Traumatic Brain Injury in Combat and Assault Contexts” Dennis Kelly, PhD.

“Neurotoxicity or Medically Unexplained Illnesses?” Laurence Binder, PhD, ABPP.

4/10/06 “Treatment of Memory Impairments” Martha Glisky, PhD ,Private Practice, Bellevue, WA.

5/8/06 “Vocational Outcomes of State Vocational Rehabilitation Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury: How Important are Neuropsychological Data?” Brick Johnstone, PhD, ABPP , Professor & Chair, Dept of Health Psychology, Univ of Missouri–Columbia School of Medicine.

6/12/06 “A Case of Delirium in an Opiate-Substitution Program: Inhalant Abuse and the Toxic Effects of Nitrous Oxide and Toluene” Charles Meredith, MD,PGY-5 Clinical Fellow, Addiction Psychiatry, VA Puget Sound Healthcare System.


  • President: Paul Connor, PhD
  • Vice-President: Jeff Shaw, PsyD
  • Past President: Hillary Shurtleff, PhD, ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/13/04 “Professional Issues Facing Psychologists in Washington State” James E, McKeever, PhD. President, WSPA & Lucy Homans, EdD, Director of Professional Affairs, WSPA.

10/11/04 “Brain Correlates of Mental Effort” Roderick Mahurin, Ph.D. University of Washington, Department of Radiology.

11/8/04 “Ecological Validity” Wendy Marlowe, Ph.D., ABPP, Independent.

12/13/04 “Shhh… Can’t you see I am TRYING to get to Sleep: Tales in the Land of Insomnia” Antonietta Russo, Ph.D. Intermountain Health Care, Salt Lake City, UT.

1/10/05 “Giftedness for the Neuropsychologist” Nancy Robinson, Ph.D. University of Washington, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

2/14/05 “New Evidence for Non-Motor Functions of the Cerebellum” Lawrence Parsons, Ph.D. University of Sheffield, Department of Psychology, Professor of Cognitive Neurosciences.

3/5/05 Annual Conference:

Trauma, Teratogen, Genes and Learning Disabilities: Early Childhood Disorders Grow Up–Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury.

“Adolescent and Adult Outcomes in Learning and Attention Disorders: Research Findings and Practical Strategies for Success” Nora Thompson, Ph.D. & Cindy Dupuy, Ph.D.

“Neuropsychological Outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury In Infancy and Early Childhood” Keith Yates, PhD.

“Fragile X: Lessons from Aging” Randi Hagerman, M.D.

4/11/05 “Contemporary Neuropsychological Practice: Examples of Adult, Child, and Forensic Evaluations”Susan Toth Patiejunas, Ph.D, Univ of WA & Private Practice; Karen Sanders, Ph.D., Private Practice; Tedd Judd, Ph.D., ABPP, Pacific Harbor Psychology & Psychiatry.

5/9/05 “Diagnostics and Biomedical Treatment: Holy Grail and Sword?: An Alternative Point Of View” Charles Huffine, M.D., King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency.

6/13/05 “The Role of Psychology in Deep Brain Stimulation and Other Neuro-restorative Surgeries” Jeff Shaw, Psy.D. Evergreen Health Care.


  • President: Hillary Shurtleff, PhD, ABPP
  • Vice-President: Paul Connor, PhD
  • Past President: Dennis Kelly, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Kathryn Reid, MA, CRC, CCM

9/8/03 “Frontal Contributions to Memory Encoding Before and After Unilateral Medial Temporal Lobectomy”Jeff Ojemann, MD.

10/13/03 “Functional MRI Studies of Dyslexia and Good Reading in Children” Elizabeth Aylward, PhD & Ginger Berninger, PhD.

11/10/03 “Pharmacology Evening: An Update On The Neuropsychological Aspects of Commonly Used Medications in Psychiatry, Epilepsy, and Geriatrics” Steve Sulzbacher, PhD; Carl Dodrill, PhD, ABPP; Karen Sanders, PhD; & William Solan, MD.

“Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Anti-Epilepsy Drugs: Old & New” Carl B. Dodrill, PhD, ABPP.

“Prescription Privileges for Psychologists” Steve Sulzbacher, PhD.

“Treatments for Cognitive Impairment in the Older Adult” William Solan, MD, Karen Sanders, PhD.

12/08/03 “Lewy Body Disease and Frontal Lobe Dementia” Monique Cherrier, PhD.

1/12/04 “A Review of the Neural Basis of Social and Emotional Function” Audrey Mattson, PhD, ABPP.

2/09/04 “Mitochondrial Disease: Can Bioenergetic Disorders be Involved in Psychiatric Disorders?” Russell Saneto, DO.

3/06/04 Annual Conference:

“Aspects of Attention” Lawrence Parsons, Ph.D.; Marcio Sotero de Menezes, M.D.; Wendy Marlowe, Ph.D., ABPP; Theodore Mandelkorn, M.D.; Jon “Jack” McClellan, M.D.; James McPartland, M.S.; Samuel Zinner, M.D.

“Differential Diagnoses of Attention Disorders: Behavioral Manifestations and Confusions” Wendy Marlowe, Ph.D., ABPP.

“Lewy Body Dementia” Monique Cherrier, PhD.

“Interventions for Adults and Children with Attentional Difficulties” Catherine A. Mateer, PhD, ABPP/CN.

“Neglect and Attention….or, How the Cavemen’s Brain Helped Him Club the Boars!” Marcio A. Sotero de Menezes, MD.

“Medication Management: ADHD” Samuel H. Zinner, MD.

4/12/04 “Aspects of Neurogenesis: Lessons From Childhood Cancer and Adult Impact Injury” Stan Whitsett, PhD & Ramona Hicks, PhD.

5/10/04 “Ethical Issues in Neuropsychology” John Ernst, PhD, ABPP & Raymond Parker, PhD, ABPP.

6/14/04 “fMRI Studies in Patients with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” Paul Connor, PhD.


  • President: Dennis Kelly, PhD
  • Vice-President: Hillary Shurtleff, PhD, ABPP
  • Past President: John Ernst, PhD ABPP
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Majid Azzedine, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Amy Summers, PhD

9/9/02 “Competency, Insanity, & Diminished Capacity” Bruce Gage, MD.

10/14/02 “Update on Sports Concussion Injuries” Dave Coppel, PhD.

11/11/02 “Gulf War Syndrome” Dennis Kelly, PhD.

12/9/02 “Genetic Counseling in Neurological Disorders” Sarah Bradford, MS.

1/13/03 “Emotional Concomitants of Seizure Disorders” Dan Drane, PhD.

2/10/03 “Employment Outcomes and New Advances in Brain Injury Vocational Rehabilitation” Bob Fraser, PhD & Dave Clemmons, PhD.

3/15/03 Annual Conference:

“Neurobiology of Child Abuse” Martin Teicher, MD, PhD.

4/14/03 “New Frontiers in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders”Suzanne Craft, PhD.

5/12/03 “Update on Executive Function Assessment” Tedd Judd, PhD.

6/9/03 “Ethics Update for Neuropsychologists” G. Andrew Benjamin, JD, PhD.


  • President: John Ernst, PhD ABPP
  • Vice-President: Dennis Kelly, PhD
  • Past President: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Majid Azzedine, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Amy Summers, PhD

9/10/01 “Neuropsychotherapy: Training Psychotherapists to Work with People with Brain Injuries” Tedd Judd, PhD ABPP.

10/8/01 “A.R. Luria: Clinical Relevance To Neuropsychology Practice – 2001” Larry Majovski, PhD, ABPP.

11/12/01 “Pediatric Epilepsy: Neuropsychological Considerations” Hillary Shurtleff, PhD ABPP.

12/10/01 “Update on Cognitive Rehabilitation” Mary Pepping, PhD.

1/14/02 “HIV Associated Cognitive Impairment” Andrew Elliott, MD, MPH.

2/11/02 “Sugar on the Brain, or the Cognitive Effects of Diabetes” G. Stennis Watson, PhD.

3/9/02 Annual Conference:

“Structural, Functional, & 3-Dimensional Neuroimaging in Evaluating Traumatic Brain Injury: Relationship With Neuropsychological Outcome” Erin Bigler, PhD, ABPP.

4/8/02 “Daubert and Mild Traumatic Brain” Allan Posthuma, PhD, ABPP.

5/13/02 “Cultural Competence in Neuropsychological Assessment: Ethical Issues” Wendy Marlowe, PhD, ABPP.

6/10/02 “The Pharmacological Management of Memory Disorders” Gandis Mazeika, MD.


  • President: Brad Powell, PhD
  • Vice-President: John Ernst, PhD ABPP
  • Past President: David Breiger, PhD
  • Treasurer: Molly Warner, PhD
  • Secretary: Majid Azzedine, PhD
  • Associate Member Representative: Amy Summers, PhD
  • Executive Administrative Officer: Jerry LeJeune, PhD

9/11/00 “Handedness, Footedness, and Brain Organization” Carl Dodrill, PhD ABPP.

10/9/00 “A Panel Review of New Neuropsychological Instruments: Interference Learning Test, Frontal Lobe Personality Test, and Test of Memory Malingering” Lloyd Cripe PhD ABPP, Tedd Judd PhD, ABPP, and Brad Powell, PhD.

11/13/00 “Journal Club: Ethics and Professional Practice: Disclosure of Tests and Raw Data to the Courts, Neuropsychology Review, Vol. 10, # 3, Sept. 2000, p. 169-182” Ray Parker PhD ABPP.

12/11/00 “Neurobehavioral Aspects of Surgical Intervention in Parkinson’s Disease” Alex Troster, PhD.

1/8/01 “Current State and National Legislative Agendas Affecting Neuropsychology” Lucy Homans, EdD.

1/12/01 “Behavioral Neurology and the Assessment of Executive Disorders” Fred Flynn, DO.

3/12/01 “Sleep Disorders” Dennis Kelly, PhD.

4/9/01 “Recent Advances in Neurology” George Wambaugh, MD.

5/12/01 Annual Conference:

“Neural Systems Supporting Language: Medial Frontal and Subcortical Structures” Bruce Crosson, PhD ABPP.

6/11/01 “Hormones and Cognitive Functioning: Latest Findings and New Areas of Inquiry” Monique Cherrier, PhD.

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