Legislative Alert on 3rd Party Observers/Recording of NP Testing (2/21)

Important legislative alert!

We have been approached by a member asking if PNNS would be willing to support efforts to change a WA State bill (SB5102) making its way through a Senate Committee.  It has not yet come to the floor, or made its way to the House, but is pending its first hearing in committee on February 15.  The bill involves amendments to the RCW's relating to L&I evaluations, including those performed by psychologists, and has clear implications for our stance on 3rd party observers and recording of testing.

 Key parts of the proposed amendments are excerpted below:


AN ACT Relating to industrial insurance medical examinations;
2 amending RCW 51.36.070 and 51.32.195; adding a new section to chapter
51.52 RCW; and creating a new section.

...(3) For purposes of this section, "examination" means a physical 4 or mental examination by a medical care provider licensed to practice 5 medicine, osteopathy, podiatry, chiropractic, dentistry, psychology, 6 …
… present to observe all examinations ordered under this 23 section, RCW 51.32.110, or by the board of industrial insurance 24 appeals. The observer must be unobtrusive and not interfere with the 25 exam.

PNNS is a non-profit organization, and cannot advocate or participate in political processes as an organization.  However, our members can certainly express their opinions about the proposed changes!  For more information on the status of the bill, or to contribute comments, go to:


For more information on the issue, check out the NAN statement on the PNNS website:
or read the Amicus Brief to the Michigan Court of Appeals submitted by five national and state organizations on the issue of 3rd part observers: 

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